The Ultimate "Ratatouille" Recap Cartoon

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The ultimate recap cartoon of Pixar's 2007 masterpiece, Ratatouille! Follow Remy as he posses Linguini and takes over the world. Oh and get all caught up before Disney's live action remake?

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Storyboarded by Bassetfilms
Animation by Cas van de Pol & Erik Waeijen
Coloring by Liz El Saadany
Backgrounds by Cas van de Pol
Music by Robert Jung


  1. Mike Burns
    Mike Burns
    Пре 10 сати

    Man chief and rat: KISSED

  2. Genesis’s gachas
    Genesis’s gachas
    Пре дан

    Me Fighting with my little brother and mom comes home: 1:09

  3. kylorcarr1
    Пре 2 дана

    I don't remember Ratatouille being this violent! 😂😂😂

  4. My lady
    My lady
    Пре 3 дана


  5. daniel el crack123
    daniel el crack123
    Пре 4 дана

    Porque ya no sube no sube un video de Luca

  6. IED
    Пре 5 дана


  7. mani zare
    mani zare
    Пре 6 дана

    حاجی من ایرانیم خنده دار ترین ویدیو هارو درست میکنی

  8. HYP3RX
    Пре 6 дана

    Alfredo is basically a god with regeneration powers

  9. Andrew UwU
    Andrew UwU
    Пре 6 дана

    0:10 still gets me

  10. Samantha Cope
    Samantha Cope
    Пре 7 дана

    Do luca

  11. Nameless Creature
    Nameless Creature
    Пре 7 дана

    2:38 Technically, moles are not rodents. So… yeah…,

  12. leonardo luna
    leonardo luna
    Пре 7 дана

    2:11 es una parte estupida

  13. Naivet Moronta
    Naivet Moronta
    Пре 7 дана

    0:25 My favourite rat in the whole movie (Yes I have a favourite rat)

  14. mamossauro
    Пре 8 дана

    0:08 WHAT THE-.....

    1. mamossauro
      Пре 8 дана

      2:04 MASSACRE

    2. mamossauro
      Пре 8 дана

      1:04 DA FAT RAT

  15. Luiz Henrique Neves Costa Dias
    Luiz Henrique Neves Costa Dias
    Пре 11 дана

    Sometimes Disney accuracy scares me, it is exactly this way wen you encounter one or more rats, you look at him he stands on two legs, look at your face, you both stare each other for a while, then you and him start running

  16. Dina Vallejo Choque
    Dina Vallejo Choque
    Пре 11 дана

    xd??????????????????? wteftwftwftwftw

  17. ❤️kylee studios❤️
    ❤️kylee studios❤️
    Пре 11 дана

    were rats.

  18. Redq teer
    Redq teer
    Пре 11 дана

    La France!

  19. kacamatasoksuci
    Пре 12 дана

    1:33 this is one for you

  20. DasTemplar 96
    DasTemplar 96
    Пре 12 дана

    Why do I get the feeling all French movies are like this? Especially at the ending??

  21. Candycorn butter
    Candycorn butter
    Пре 14 дана

    Is it just me or does Remy sound a bit like male Jesse from Minecraft Story Mode?

  22. ⚡
    Пре 15 дана

    0:10 OOF

  23. Justin The Gamer 3000
    Justin The Gamer 3000
    Пре 15 дана

    Old lady going doomslayer shotgun on rats 0:22 LOL

  24. Пре 15 дана

    1:51 rat have BIGGG human hands chef: wtf

  25. Kev Tighe
    Kev Tighe
    Пре 16 дана

    1:46 we wetch

    Пре 17 дана

    chrono trigger please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  27. Sonickzz F4k3 Gamer
    Sonickzz F4k3 Gamer
    Пре 18 дана


  28. ابو صلعه KSA
    ابو صلعه KSA
    Пре 19 дана

    It was my favorite movie and you ruined it😒☹️

  29. Андрей Домаш
    Андрей Домаш
    Пре 19 дана


  30. lisa gameing FAN
    lisa gameing FAN
    Пре 19 дана

    2:10 so he cheated-

  31. Samuel Oliveira de Aguiar
    Samuel Oliveira de Aguiar
    Пре 19 дана

    1:56 Deja vu be like:

  32. XD :v
    XD :v
    Пре 20 дана


  33. Carolina Salguero
    Carolina Salguero
    Пре 20 дана


  34. waluigi time boiz
    waluigi time boiz
    Пре 21 дан


  35. ## NIFF ##
    ## NIFF ##
    Пре 21 дан

    0:08 - 0:10 Lol

  36. Tang Ben
    Tang Ben
    Пре 21 дан


  37. Coming SANS
    Coming SANS
    Пре 21 дан


  38. Rina Atienza
    Rina Atienza
    Пре 22 дана

    minecraft gustaus 0:10

  39. BetsyPeeps95
    Пре 23 дана

    0:10 OUH!

  40. Common Sense
    Common Sense
    Пре 23 дана

    why why to the cute lamp?

  41. Luiza Da Costa
    Luiza Da Costa
    Пре 23 дана

    É loco

  42. kirby Killer
    kirby Killer
    Пре 23 дана

    1:50 hand

  43. Kraken Attack
    Kraken Attack
    Пре 23 дана

    2:31 I’m the giant rat

  44. Fiʀᴇ ɢᴜɴ
    Fiʀᴇ ɢᴜɴ
    Пре 24 дана

    1:23 Re Vench XD

  45. Cristell Torres
    Cristell Torres
    Пре 24 дана

    Muy asqueroso

  46. Fabrizzio Palermo
    Fabrizzio Palermo
    Пре 24 дана


  47. The stupid kardashian
    The stupid kardashian
    Пре 24 дана

    0:08 *dies aggressively*

  48. The stupid kardashian
    The stupid kardashian
    Пре 24 дана

    0:08 *dies argerssfly

  49. Ulises Rigoberto Lizarraga salas
    Ulises Rigoberto Lizarraga salas
    Пре 24 дана

    Te veo desde México

  50. Milton Ludovico
    Milton Ludovico
    Пре 24 дана

    0:10 MINECRAFT

  51. jorgemilingo25
    Пре 24 дана

    Cas birps 0:04

  52. Peggy Burger
    Peggy Burger
    Пре 25 дана


  53. Yandere DataDigger
    Yandere DataDigger
    Пре 25 дана


  54. jorgemilingo25
    Пре 25 дана

    Epic rat shop 1:18

  55. gm machinery
    gm machinery
    Пре 25 дана


  56. Russia
    Пре 26 дана

    0:10 *Minecraft Memories suddenly flash before me*

  57. Yoda
    Пре 26 дана

    Just noticed the muscle bound rat on steroids became fat later in the clip. Also how it should've ended.

  58. 🧡nuggets🧡
    Пре 26 дана

    0:51 he slice off his Arm 0:54 she slice of arm 2:13 oh no not again

  59. Pizza Please
    Pizza Please
    Пре 26 дана

    No no no why oh 2:10

  60. orange demon lemon bois brother
    orange demon lemon bois brother
    Пре 27 дана

    0:16 Little nightmares 2 moment

  61. TITAN Cooper
    TITAN Cooper
    Пре 27 дана

    yes, brother, we are forever scarred

  62. João Epico
    João Epico
    Пре 27 дана

    my god a mouse kissing a human

  63. Batuhan Akın
    Batuhan Akın
    Пре 27 дана

    Holy FUCK my childhood ;(

  64. Lisarma
    Пре 28 дана

    Rats, we're rats, we are the rats. Blablabla.. Giant raaaat

  65. Fritter Films
    Fritter Films
    Пре 28 дана

    the storyboard was made by BassetFilms, it makes sense now

  66. dark vader383
    dark vader383
    Пре месец

    donate arms please

  67. Kai The hedgehog 06
    Kai The hedgehog 06
    Пре месец

    *remi and linguini kiss* me and the rest of the gang:I kill you u kill me k?

  68. rthur A
    rthur A
    Пре месец


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    Official Solgaleo_Ultra123 [OS]
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    HTF Edition!

  70. b a
    b a
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  71. Hovan theCool
    Hovan theCool
    Пре месец

    I knew he was related to the Underminer.....

  72. Mohammad Zaeem Mahad
    Mohammad Zaeem Mahad
    Пре месец

    1:18 me when i lose a tennis match be like:

  73. Liem Sirikitputtisak
    Liem Sirikitputtisak
    Пре месец

    who ever mad dis you suk n i did not like totoro

  74. The
    Пре месец

    Rat rat we are the ……….

    1. The
      Пре месец

      This is the real show it’s official

    2. The
      Пре месец


  75. Catia Lamanna
    Catia Lamanna
    Пре месец

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  76. Catia Lamanna
    Catia Lamanna
    Пре месец

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  77. Catia Lamanna
    Catia Lamanna
    Пре месец

    Fa C

  78. Angel Arias
    Angel Arias
    Пре месец

    Que acabo de ver...

  79. Toons Wonder Cartoons
    Toons Wonder Cartoons
    Пре месец

    What the fuck he is kissing ratatoullie 2:10

  80. Toons Wonder Cartoons
    Toons Wonder Cartoons
    Пре месец

    Hes making Minecraft Steve dead sound 0:10

    1. George27484
      Пре месец


  81. Shining Cleaning Services
    Shining Cleaning Services
    Пре месец

    Please do cars

  82. Matthew Boxberger
    Matthew Boxberger
    Пре месец

    Glad to see the Jerma fans show up in these comments

  83. Kaiser Wilhelm II
    Kaiser Wilhelm II
    Пре месец

    2x is amazing

  84. m6en m6en
    m6en m6en
    Пре месец

    The Jelly Belly Pet Rat Gummi Candy's step brother.

  85. -SraPollito- ^̮ ̮^
    -SraPollito- ^̮ ̮^
    Пре месец

    Fin :D

  86. Bella Hammond
    Bella Hammond
    Пре месец

    1:18 epic rat shop 💀💀💀💀

  87. Bella Hammond
    Bella Hammond
    Пре месец

    0:08 sounds like the steve “oooh”

  88. Jaliyah Walker
    Jaliyah Walker
    Пре месец

    When you is a little kid and you see your mom and dad doing the pravite 1:52

  89. Zhuma K4
    Zhuma K4
    Пре месец


  90. Пре месец

    i like when the rat eye become big :)

  91. Deisy Bernal
    Deisy Bernal
    Пре месец

    1:14 XDXD

  92. Deisy Bernal
    Deisy Bernal
    Пре месец

    1:04 XD

  93. Landonuj Harry
    Landonuj Harry
    Пре месец


  94. Mundo Paralelo
    Mundo Paralelo
    Пре месец

    Que final mas ramdom

  95. Number3d
    Пре месец

    0:46 that scream reminds me of Scrat the squirrel for some weird reason....

  96. бобо хобо
    бобо хобо
    Пре месец

    дибильная и смешная анимация

  97. MKHAFIZ2021
    Пре месец

    So funny

  98. MKHAFIZ2021
    Пре месец


  99. عبدالرحمن السقاف
    عبدالرحمن السقاف
    Пре месец

    تامف َدبخ2:30

  100. عبدالرحمن السقاف
    عبدالرحمن السقاف
    Пре месец

    ولك لا نقي 3:51