The Ultimate ''Avatar: The Last Airbender'' Recap Cartoon - BOOK THREE

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BOOK 3 of the Ultimate Avatar: The Last Airbender recap is finally here!

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Directed by: Cas van de Pol
Background director: Ham Firouzan - hamtarto

Sound design by: Niels van der Voet, Robert Jung
Music by: Robert Jung - dreikelvin

Intro animation and backgrounds by: Hadi Tabasi - h_tabasi
Voiced by: Chris O'Neill

Animation by: Erik Waeijen - onehornsear...
Backgrounds by: Shae Humphries ShaeHumphries , Tori Richards toriisu
FX Animation by: Panda Rebolledo Pandaandwolf
3D Animation by: Brent van den Hove, Dirk Lemmers, Tessa Moonen, Maarten Houweling

Animation and Backgrounds: Bassetfilms - Bassetfilms

Animation by: Michael Ruocoo - AGuyWhoDraws
Backgrounds by: India Boeckh - indiajboeckh

Animation by: Sean Cunningham (PaperbagAnimator) - PaperbagTweet , Jeroen Koelewijn - Geronimostuff
Backgrounds by: Vivian Zhou - vivsdraws

Animation by: Freddie Elsom - freddieelsom
Backgrounds by: Geddy Kay - GeddyKay

Animation by: Sr Pelo - _SrPelo_
Backgrounds by: Cas van de Pol

Episode 8 -
Animation by: Dominik Johann - zerstoerer
Sound design by: Tom Schley - silkersoft

Episode 9 -
Animation by: DON - DONDRRR
Voice work by: Chris O'Neill & Zach Hadel - OneyNG - psychicpebble

Episode 10 & 11 -
Animation and backgrounds by: TEAM EGG
Chandler Candela, Omar Romolino, Yugo Limbo, Ryan Boyes
chancanan_ - OmarRomolino - yugsly - RyanMBoyes
Addition backgrounds by: Tidawan T, Emanuelle (Ellie) Heikens sandytidawan -

Episode 12 -
Animation by: Gracie Pryor - GracieDraws
Backgrounds by: Chrystin Garland - ChrystinGarland

Episode 13 -
Animation by: Kéké Flipnote - Kekeflipnote
Backgrounds by: Vivian Zhou - vivsdraws

Episode 14 & 15 -
Animation by: DreaminErryDay - DreaminErryDay
Backgrounds by: DreaminErryDay, Michael Azzi - Michafrar

Episode 16 -
Animation by: Junaid Chundrigar - ImaJunation
Color by: Liz El Saadany - Razkalling
Backgrounds by: Camila Cumplido - Chiisao

Episode 17 -
Animation by: Ockeroid - ockeroid
Backgrounds by: Zachary Clarkson - ZacharyLevi

Episode 18 -
Animation by: Ahmad Beyrouthi - ahmad_beyrouthi
Backgrounds by: Danalyn Reyes - danalynreyes

Episode 19 -
Animation by: Ockeroid, Shigloo - Shigloo
Backgrounds by: David Depasquale, Dan Muangprasert - wolfinsheeps - shuppie_

Episode 20 -
Animation and backgrounds by: by: Brent van den Hove, Dirk Lemmers, Maarten Houweling, Tessa Moonen

Episode 21 -
Animation by: Steve Ly, Jenn Strickland, Topburger239 - notstevely - JennerallyJenn - topburger239
FX Animation by: Nahu, Ragon - Nahu_idi -
Backgrounds by: Ham Firouzan, Angie Duran - hamtarto - phalangieee

Aang voiced by: Ella Houtman
Zuko / Ozai voiced by: Junaid Chundrigar

Additional sound design by: Sander Houtman, Nick van Oort

Credits music by: Ockeroid - ockeroid

Thank you so much for all your support.


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    7:02 this is my favorite part anng is just so cute

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    For this i see the serie

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    I love it how roku is taking

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    I cannot stop laughing at Zuko's dance🤣🤣 Awesome recap.

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    I have to admit Hama sounds cute

  8. KitKatAvie
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    6:52 I can’t get over how beautiful this shot is! Amazing work, everyone!

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    7:06 job well done bros

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    7:02 😂😂

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    9:41 bruh that lion turtle just crushes him with no mercy LOL

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    0:00 Old Intro 1:42 3D Animations 1:54 Animations By "???" (The Channels Didn't Founded) 2:10 The Peoples Are Wan't To Fucking KILL THE STUPID Avatar. H O W 2:15 Accept Completed 2:17 Can Someone Help Their This Flying Pets, BRO IS SHE DROWNING 2:23 Get Fish And Walk But THEIR Someone FLY 2:25 Guy Doing That On Top 2:29 Fight Mode. And Get Defeated 3:27 Created By Sr.Pelo? 3:45 Avatar Game 15:08 Ended (Cuz It's Gonna Take Too Long)

  14. Chris Combs
    Chris Combs
    Пре 5 дана

    8:39 missed opportunity to use the live action movie

  15. Tiki is mad
    Tiki is mad
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    Scout fact ang has grown hair

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      His name is not long

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    Name is anchor not Hong Kong

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    I watched all series of avatar the last Airbender

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    I watched this episode

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    Y is the animation changing? Lol

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    gonna need a loop for that dance at 7:06

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    11:20 *epic battle*

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    10:30. *momo*

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    *OOOOO* OOOOOooo.. 10:59

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    Sprite and this video does not mix well

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    7:06 to 7:08 is real comedy

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    me at the end: Wait that's illegal

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    Matthew Carlos
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    We need a Legend of Korra Recap series! AAAA ❤️

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    This is too funny

  46. Beyblade Masters
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    Zuko looks like a Dorito

  47. Mythic Gamez
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    11:18 that transition tho

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    worst video in history of youtube

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    Pov Nobody: That kid that kills the hacker: 12:41

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    [ 時計仕掛け ]
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    I wish 12:39 was actually in the series

  53. Michael Williams
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    Even though your videos are stupid this was like the movie just 52 seconds good work i got to hand it you ya 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

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    7:14 he definitely ate taco bells spicey food

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    You should do korro

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    Tor Nordmark
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    7:06 Honestly, I hoped they'd Fortnite Default Dance

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    1:50 I have never seen gradual anger buildup animated so well before

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    el mejor video del canal de cas

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    Lyss MCD_25
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    Does Nickelodeon know that he posted the entirety of book 3 on here? 😂 Seriously this was so funny and so good

  61. Silentwarrior TS
    Silentwarrior TS
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    That last Zuko default dance made my night

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    8:17 My Parents Giving Me A Punishment

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    Kudos tp the different artstyles

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    Çok iyiydi

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    11:40 *wow I didn’t know ozai could do kamehameha*

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    Angvatar the last and bender

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    There are you doing today Brandon and the kids are in bed over there maybe right 😅 I love you too I love you too baby girl I love it animatronics I did it for you to be here for me to be there for you to be here for a few hours and then

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    Adam Warmka aka Skydart and friends
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